This episode features guest host Rachel Lally (SRTN Episode 41 and Guest Host on SRTN 67) and Artist Daryl Parson.

Embracing an eclectic existence across Europe and beyond, Daryl Parson has taken to countless creative endeavours over the years. Most notably tackling bass duties for epic doom metal veterans Solstice (UK). A band whose bludgeoning riffs and astute lyrics have inspired both musical passion and unyielding attitude.

Off the international stage; Daryl is a wanderer, an artist, and especially, a writer. Through the juxtaposition of image and word he invokes insightful introspection across multiple media - with short stories already published and longer writings in the works. He is an occasional actor, previously appearing in film and television projects on both sides of the Atlantic; as well as dabbling in the more practical disciplines of sculpting and special effects work.

He is a self-professed practitioner of Chaos Magick and has found inspiration through exploring the esoteric and expressing 'True Will' through creativity, philosophy and technology. Tending to lockdown malaise, interests in psychology and Artificial Intelligence research have coalesced with the occult to create 'Servitor' - a paradigm combining Magick with Machine Learning to effective ends.

Forever seeking to connect and collaborate with other creatives and chaotes, the search continues for those who can keep up.

I hope you enjoy this short episode featuring spoken word pieces by Greg Clifford (Episode 81 guest)


Geoff Finan (Episode 66 guest)


listen to a teaser/reminder to catch The Skylark Bell Season 2 by Melissa Oliveri (Episode 94 guest)

Thank you for supporting the show, its artists and their creations.

December 21, 2021

Episode 130 - Jakub Ferencik

SRTN's visiting Philosopher, Jakub Ferencik is back! We first heard from Jakub in Episode 60. Since then, Jakub has written another book (!) entitled Beyond Reason: Why We Fail at Understanding Each Other.
Our discussion here ranged through many issues but focused on the primacy of reason as an arbiter of truth. Jakub and Ken engage in a lively conversation that is timely but steeped in the historical tradition, which they interrogate.
About Beyond Reason -
Why is it that everyone around us professes certainty amidst so much confusion, extremism, and polarization? Everyone has answers and yet so few questions are truly resolved. Academics debate endlessly, politicians manipulate desperately, and parents misguide in the same way that they were misled. In this book, Ferencik argues that the only way to come close to resolving our ideological battles is to assume that we are fallible; he claims that certainty is the enemy of progress. For much of history, dogma restricted the progress our ancestors hoped for. Today, we are similarly threatened by dogma. But in our case, we have tools we can work with to become more balanced, tolerant, and kind to those who disagree with us. If we are to truly aim at objectivity, we must read widely, disagree kindly, rethink voraciously, and move beyond reason.


Steph Littlebird is an artist, writer, curator, and registered member of Oregon’s Grand Ronde Confederated Tribes. Steph earned her degree in Painting and Printmaking from the Pacific Northwest College in Portland, Oregon, she currently lives and works in Las Vegas. 

Her work frequently touches upon issues of contemporary tribal identity, cultural survivance, and responsible land stewardship. Aside from her work as a visual artist, Steph is a full-time tech writer and freelance arts columnist for Oregon Arts Watch magazine. 

Steph has received three creative grants from the Art + Science Initiative and is the 2020 N.O.A.A. National Artist Fellow. She is also the recent recipient of a writing grant from the Oregon Cultural Trust, and her work has been featured by brands like Luna Bar, U.S.P.S. the Wild and Scenic Film Festival, and Wells Fargo. 

December 2, 2021

Episode 128 - Ellen Adair

Ellen Adair is best known as Bess McTeer in "The Sinner" and Janet Bayne in "Homeland," but they have additional recurring roles on "Bull," "Billions," the NBC miniseries "The Slap," "Veep," "The Family," and "As The World Turns." Other television credits include guest-star appearances on "The Good Fight," "NCIS: New Orleans," "Chicago Fire," and "Brotherhood."

Ellen also starred opposite Omar Epps in Trick, directed by Patrick Lussier. Upcoming, they will appear in Netflix's series "Archive 81," and the films Cryptid and Love and Communication. As an author, Ellen's book Curtain Speech is available from Pen & Anvil Press. They have appeared numerous times as a guest analyst on MLB Network, and on dozens of well-known baseball podcasts, including their own, "Take Me In to the Ballgame."

Nancy Houser-Bluhm has lived in the foothills west of Denver, Colorado for over 20 years with her husband and miscellaneous pets. She hails from Michigan but always had a longing for the mountains after growing up watching Bonanza. Their current piece of heaven is called the Bluhmerosa.  For some years she and her husband, Jon traversed the country moving from Michigan to Oregon, back to Michigan and then to Colorado. Once a rock climber, she now spends time with biking, skiing, camping, enjoying nature and yoga; oh yes and with writing.


Nancy received her first monetary writing award of $3.00 for a poem submitted by her middle school. Coinciding with the late 1960’s it pertained to war.  About the same time, she won a statewide essay contest which took her to a presidential inauguration.  She realizes she has outted herself and can never again use attending a presidential inauguration in the party game One Truth, Two Lies.


Like the character in her first novel, Nancy’s pursuit of personal growth and awareness, led her down numerous paths. In the 1990s, Journey Seminars was her effort to bring entry level knowledge on such topics as dreamwork, Feng Shui, and homeopathy to her community.


Authentic communication with herself and others has been an ultimate life quest, sometimes to the chagrin of others. A lifelong journaler, Nancy produced her own journal with excerpts from her past journal wisdoms and her husband’s art. She offered classes highlighting the power of the practice through gathered techniques. Nancy has had numerous prompted memoir-based articles in a local mountain newspaper. After working forty years as a Speech-Language, both in the schools and health care, she retired from being a full-time worker bee. It was then she began a blog and ventured into the arena of writing her first novel, Whispers For Terra.

November 11, 2021

Episode 126 - Matt Hall

Matt Hall grew up on a small farm in rural southern Oregon where he spent his time drawing dinosaurs and shoveling snow. He moved to Portland in 1997 to attend The Pacific Northwest College of Art as a painting major. His current work is an assemblage of rebuilt found objects and processed natural history ephemera. Exploring themes of loss, memory, mending, re-use and magical thinking. His work has been shown in numerous west coast galleries and and as far away as Germany. 

He can currently be found living in North Portland, repairing old taxidermy, going on walks with his two children, and waving at neighborhood cats.


November 3, 2021

Episode 125 - Eleanor Wells

Eleanor Wells was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She is a writer and filmmaker with an avid interest in history, art, fashion, and nature. She has written and directed two short films, Feature Presentation (2017) and Eagle Rock (2019), as well as writing the screenplay for The Harpist (2014). She lives in Milwaukee and loves Grace Kelly, Diana Rigg and Disney.

October 29, 2021

Episode 124 - Matt Brewster

There are many great bass players in the world, and many that reside in the Pacific Northwest.  One bass player that stands out in particular is Portland, Oregon’s Matt Brewster. Sometimes known as Phunky Brewster, he has been called for countless studio sessions and has played for many bands throughout his time in PDX with no end in sight.  He has toured through several states and has taken stages both big and small.  While perhaps not being known for exceptional technicality, he is known for exceptional feel, pocket, time, and groove that are woven together to create melodic and thoughtful bass lines.  If his playing isn’t enough, consider that he plays with a handicap on both hands!  Matt’s fretting hand has 2 fingers that have fused knuckles while his plucking hand is missing four fingers, leaving only his thumb!  He is living proof that through love and dedication to your craft, anything is achievable.

Brewster also plays the cajon in a very unique way, making the Peruvian percussion instrument at home with multiple genres from folk to hip-hop, pop, and soul.  In addition, he is also a capable producer.  While mostly producing for his own projects, he sometimes will be found creating songs for other artists.  Brewster’s current main affiliations are Laryssa Birdseye and Hiroki which can both be heard wherever you consume your music.

Caitlynn Abdow Velasquez was born and raised in the rolling hills of Western Massachusetts and spent her childhood exploring the outdoors, dusty old art history books, and illustrated dictionaries. In 2008 she achieved a degree in Painting and Art History at the University of Massachusetts. That same year she moved to Portland, Oregon where she now resides and works. Caitlynn Abdow is an award winning and published artist having shown in over 30 fine art gallery exhibitions nationwide.

Her art focuses on a visual language of ancient and contemporary symbolism while featuring a limited naturalistic color palette. Caitlynn works primarily with oil paints and watercolors to render figurative and narrative works. 

She also does beautiful tattoos that transform the human body into a new piece of art.

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